Top 10 Tallest Celebrity Cutouts in India Larger Than Life Tributes

Indian cinema is known for its grand gestures and larger-than-life celebrations. From movie releases to birthdays, fans leave no stone unturned to express their love and admiration for their favorite actors. One such spectacular display of fandom comes in the form of colossal cutouts, towering high above the cities, capturing the essence of the actors they represent. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most memorable instances when these giant cutouts became the talk of the town.

Top 10 Tallest Celebrity Cutouts in India Cutouts of Indian superstars are a common sight at movie theaters and other public places, especially during the release of a new film or on the occasion of the star’s birthday. However, some cutouts are much larger and more elaborate than others. Here is a list of the highest cutouts for Indian superstars, along with more details about the occasions on which they were made and the celebrations that took place:

1. Prabhas (230 feet)

The Gargantuan Tribute

The highest cutout for an Indian superstar is a 230-foot cutout of Prabhas, which was erected by his fans in Kukatpally, Hyderabad, India, on his 43rd birthday in 2023. The cutout was made to celebrate the release of Prabhas’s upcoming film, “Salaar.”

The monumental 230-foot cutout of Prabhas, erected in Kukatpally, Hyderabad, in 2023, was a remarkable tribute to the actor on his 44th birthday (October 23). Prabhas, who had already achieved international fame for his role in “Baahubali,” was greeted by a sea of adoring fans who gathered to celebrate both the actor’s birthday and the anticipation surrounding his upcoming film releases. The towering cutout, marked by his charismatic image, became a symbol of his iconic status in the world of Indian cinema.

A Festive Extravaganza

The celebrations surrounding the cutout were massive. Thousands of fans gathered around the cutout to sing, dance, and take selfies. There was also a parade with floats and drum bands. The cutout was decorated with flowers, balloons, and banners.


2. Yash (217 feet)

Yash’s Grand Monument

The 217-foot cutout of Yash in Kolar, Karnataka, was nothing short of a grand monument. Erected in honor of the actor’s 37th birthday in 2023, it was a celebration of the massive success of Yash’s film, “K.G.F: Chapter 2.” The towering tribute drew fans from all over Karnataka to witness this monumental spectacle.

A Spectacle in Karnataka

The celebrations surrounding Yash’s cutout were not confined to just his birthday. Fans from all corners of Karnataka flocked to Kolar, making it a massive celebration. Cultural performances, dance competitions, and other events marked the occasion, showcasing the rich heritage of the region. To add to the grandeur, the cutout was adorned with dazzling lights, resonant music, and special effects that illuminated the night, creating a visually stunning experience.

3. NGK (215 feet)

Beyond Stardom

The 215-foot cutout of NGK in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, was more than a celebration of a film release. Erected on his 41st birthday in 2023, it was a testament to the actor’s commitment to social causes. Beyond the cinematic stardom, this towering tribute embodied a message of social responsibility and awareness.

A Message of Social Responsibility

The celebrations surrounding NGK’s cutout were unique in that they aimed to raise awareness about social issues. Fans organized blood donation camps and other charity events, making a positive impact on the community. The surrounding area saw environmental improvements through tree planting and clean-up initiatives. The cutout itself bore slogans and banners promoting social responsibility, making it a symbol of meaningful change.

4. Ajith (180 feet)

Ajith’s Milestone Birthday

Ajith Kumar’s 180-foot cutout in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, was a grand celebration of the actor’s 51st birthday in 2023. This towering tribute was a symbol of admiration and respect for the actor and marked the release of his upcoming film, “Valimai.”

A Week of Celebrations

The festivities surrounding Ajith’s cutout extended over a week. Fans organized bike rallies, car rallies, and various events to honor their beloved star. Additionally, they displayed their altruistic side by distributing food and clothing to the underprivileged, demonstrating the spirit of giving. The cutout itself was artistically decorated with Ajith’s signature colors, black and yellow, reflecting his iconic presence.

5. Vijay (175 feet)

Vijay’s Larger-Than-Life Tribute

The 175-foot cutout of Vijay in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, was a testament to the actor’s popularity and success. Erected on his 47th birthday in 2023, it was a grand tribute to the triumph of Vijay’s film, “Beast.”

A Carnival of Fun

The celebrations surrounding Vijay’s cutout were reminiscent of a carnival. The atmosphere was filled with joy and excitement, with food stalls offering delectable treats, games for entertainment, and various activities for fans to enjoy. To add to the festive spirit, there was a lively concert featuring performances by renowned singers and dancers. The cutout itself was adorned with vibrant flowers, balloons, and streamers, symbolizing the festive spirit that Vijay’s films bring to his fans.

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6. NTR (120 feet)

NTR’s Iconic Cutout

The 120-foot cutout of N. T. Rama Rao Jr. in Hyderabad was an iconic representation of a beloved star. Erected on his 39th birthday in 2023, it celebrated the success of NTR’s film, “RRR.”

A Tribute to a Legend

The celebrations surrounding NTR’s cutout were a heartfelt tribute to his legendary status in the Telugu film industry. Fans organized a traditional dance performance and a cultural show that showcased the rich cultural heritage of the region. They also participated in meaningful initiatives such as tree planting and blood donation drives in NTR’s name. The cutout was elegantly decorated with NTR’s signature colors, red and yellow, creating a striking visual representation of his enduring legacy.

7. Chiranjeevi (126 feet)

Chiranjeevi’s Highway Marvel

The towering 126-foot cutout of Chiranjeevi, positioned along the Suryapet-Vijayawada national highway in 2023, was a marvel to behold. It was created to coincide with the release of his much-anticipated film, “Waltair Veerayya,” on January 13. This monumental tribute served as a visual spectacle, drawing fans and movie enthusiasts from all corners. Chiranjeevi, the Megastar of Telugu cinema, has maintained a legendary status in the industry for decades, and this cutout was a testament to his enduring impact.

8. Allu Arjun (110 feet)

Allu Arjun’s Monumental Tribute

The spectacular 110-foot cutout of Allu Arjun in Madhapur, Hyderabad, unveiled on December 17, 2021, marked a monumental moment in the actor’s career. It was created in celebration of the release of his blockbuster film, “Pushpa: The Rise – Part 1.” The occasion was doubly special as it coincided with the stylish star’s birthday. Fans converged in large numbers to witness this grand gesture of affection, underlining not only the actor’s charisma but also the immense excitement that surrounds his movie releases.

9. Nandamuri Balakrishna (108 feet)

Balakrishna’s Grand Birthday Tribute

In 2021, on June 10, the towering 108-foot cutout of Nandamuri Balakrishna stood proudly in Kukatpally, Hyderabad, as a tribute on the actor’s 61st birthday. This celebration was made all the more special as it coincided with a significant film in his illustrious career. Fans thronged to the site, creating a jubilant atmosphere that emphasized their deep admiration for both the actor and his films. Balakrishna, often referred to as the “Lion of Telugu Cinema,” has an ardent fan base that reveres his contributions to the industry.

10. Pawan Kalyan (105 feet)

Pawan Kalyan’s Dual Celebration

The remarkable 105-foot cutout of Pawan Kalyan in Vizag, dating back to April 9, 2021, marked a pivotal moment in the actor’s life. It was created to celebrate the release of his highly acclaimed film, “Vakeel Saab.” This momentous occasion held a dual significance as it coincided with a political rally, signifying Pawan Kalyan’s transition into politics. The towering cutout, proudly displaying Pawan Kalyan’s image, became a focal point during the rally, symbolizing his dual roles as a beloved film star and a charismatic political leader. This moment showcased his influence not only in the entertainment industry but also in the realm of politics.

These towering cutouts represent not just admiration for the actors but a vibrant cultural phenomenon in the Indian film industry. They highlight the deep emotional connection fans have with their favorite stars and their eagerness to celebrate the release of highly anticipated films and significant life events of these iconic figures. It’s a testament to the power of cinema and the indelible mark these stars leave on the hearts of their followers

Top 10 Tallest Celebrity Cutouts In India
Top 10 Tallest Celebrity Cutouts In India Larger Than Life Tributes 5

Top 10 Tallest Celebrity Cutouts in India

S.NoNameCutout SizeDateOccasion Name
1Prabhas230 feet43rd Birthday in 2023“Salaar” Film Release
2Yash217 feet37th Birthday in 2023“K.G.F: Chapter 2” Success
3Surya215 feet41st Birthday in 2023“Surya – NGK” Film Release
4Ajith180 feet51st Birthday in 2023“Valimai” Film Release
5Vijay175 feet47th Birthday in 2023“Beast” Film Success
6Chiranjeevi126 feet2023“Waltair Veerayya” Film Release
7Allu Arjun110 feet2021“Pushpa: The Rise – Part 1” Premiere and Birthday
8Nandamuri Balakrishna108 feet61st Birthday in 2021Birthday and Film Celebration
9NTR120 feet39th Birthday in 2023“RRR” Film Success
10Pawan Kalyan105 feet2021“Vakeel Saab” Film Release

Cutout Culture in Telugu Cinema

Cutout culture in Telugu cinema is a deeply rooted tradition that has been cherished for decades. Originating in the early days of the industry, it has since evolved into a significant and vibrant aspect of the Telugu film world. These towering tributes are more than just large images; they are symbolic of the fervent love and devotion that fans have for their favorite stars. The designs and themes of these cutouts have developed over the years, reflecting the changing aesthetics and sensibilities of the cinema and its audience.

Fans’ Grand Celebrations

The celebrations orchestrated by fans during the erection of these towering cutouts are nothing short of spectacular. These events transcend mere admiration for their favorite stars; they are a testament to the unwavering devotion and love that fans hold for these actors.

It’s a time when the fan community comes together, transcending geographical boundaries, to showcase their ardent support. Cultural performances, dance competitions, charity events, and other festivities create a vibrant atmosphere, reflecting the rich diversity of Indian culture. These celebrations also serve as a platform for fans to make a positive impact on society, often through blood donation drives, tree planting initiatives, and supporting the less fortunate. In essence, these celebrations are a testament to the power of cinema and the profound connection it forges between stars and their dedicated admirers.

The Unwavering Fan-Factor

The role of fans in cutout culture is nothing short of extraordinary. These ardent admirers not only fundraise for these grand tributes but also actively participate in their installation and decoration. Their dedication goes beyond mere fandom; it represents a deep emotional connection between the stars and their followers. These cutouts serve as a tangible manifestation of this bond, creating a unique form of engagement and expression that is unparalleled in the world of entertainment.

Cutouts in the Media Spotlight

The media’s fascination with these colossal cutouts has significantly contributed to their popularity and cultural significance. These tributes often become the center of attention, especially during the release of a star’s film or on special occasions like birthdays. With the advent of social media, their presence has amplified, making these cutouts not just local phenomena but international sensations. They are shared, liked, and commented upon by people from various corners of the globe, underscoring their influence and impact.

The Iconic Imagery of Stars

Cutouts in Telugu cinema serve as a powerful representation of iconic imagery. They encapsulate the very essence of the stars they portray. The images on these cutouts become larger-than-life, symbolizing the charisma and influence of the actors. These towering tributes are not just artistic expressions but also a means of reinforcing the star’s identity and their connection with the audience. The larger the cutout, the more profound the impact, and the more lasting the memory in the minds of the fans.

Beyond the Silver Screen

The influence of Telugu actors extends beyond the confines of the film industry. Stars like Prabhas, Chiranjeevi, Allu Arjun, Nandamuri Balakrishna, and Pawan Kalyan have ventured into politics and social causes. These cutouts symbolize the transition of these actors into influential figures in society. They represent the bridge between the reel and real-world personas, highlighting the dual roles these actors play in the lives of their fans. The cutouts are not just a celebration of cinema; they are a celebration of the impact these stars have on society.

Challenges and Controversies

While cutout culture is a celebration of love and admiration, it also comes with its set of challenges and controversies. Safety is a paramount concern, as these massive structures can pose risks to fans and passersby. To address this, professionals are often involved in the installation and maintenance of these cutouts. Environmental concerns also come into play, as the materials used in these cutouts can have ecological implications. Efforts are made to minimize the environmental impact by using eco-friendly materials and, in some cases, undertaking initiatives like tree planting to offset any negative effects.

In conclusion, cutout culture in Telugu cinema is a dynamic and multifaceted phenomenon that transcends mere fandom. It represents the enduring connection between stars and their admirers, showcasing their impact on the entertainment industry and beyond. These towering tributes are more than just visuals; they are a testament to the power of cinema and the ability of stars to leave an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of their fans.


The creation of these towering cutouts is a testament to the immense love and admiration that Indian superstars like Prabhas, Yash, NGK, Ajith, Vijay, Chiranjeevi, Allu Arjun, Nandamuri Balakrishna, and Pawan Kalyan receive from their fans. These colossal tributes not only celebrate their stardom but also serve as a reminder of the powerful influence these actors have on the Indian film industry and the hearts of their fans.

As we conclude, we reflect on the lasting impact of these towering cutouts and their unique blend of cinema, devotion, and art. These colossal tributes continue to be a testament to the enduring love and admiration for Indian cinema stars, showcasing the deep connections between these actors and their loyal supporters.

Top 10 Tallest Celebrity Cutouts In India
Top 10 Tallest Celebrity Cutouts In India Larger Than Life Tributes 6


  1. How are these giant cutouts made? Creating these massive cutouts involves a combination of engineering, artistry, and technology. Skilled artisans and artists carefully design and construct them, often using 3D printing and laser cutting for intricate details.
  2. Why are these cutouts so important in Telugu cinema? These cutouts are a visual testament to the popularity of Telugu actors and a way for fans to express their admiration. They also serve as gathering points for fans to celebrate their favorite stars.
  3. What is the history behind the tradition of giant cutouts in Telugu cinema? The tradition of creating larger-than-life cutouts in Telugu cinema has a long history and is a unique way for fans to show their support for actors.
  4. How has technology influenced the creation of these cutouts? Technology, such as 3D printing and laser cutting, has enabled the creation of more intricate and lifelike cutouts, taking this art form to new heights.
  5. Do other film industries create similar giant cutouts for their actors? While other film industries have their ways of celebrating actors, the tradition of massive cutouts is particularly popular in the Telugu film industry, where it has become a unique cultural phenomenon.

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