Top 10 Most Viewed Hindi Trailers in 24 Hours Record-breaking


In the digital age, the world of cinema is not limited by geographical boundaries, and this is exemplified by the incredible reach and impact of Indian film trailers. The past few years have seen a phenomenal surge in the popularity of Hindi movie trailers. Most Viewed Hindi Trailers in 24 Hours many surpassing the 50 million view mark within just 24 hours of their release. This article delves into the impressive achievements of the most-watched Hindi trailers in 24 hours and the factors that contribute to their success.

Most Viewed Hindi Trailers In 24 Hours
Top 10 Most Viewed Hindi Trailers In 24 Hours Record-Breaking 5

1. The Power of #Adipurush (52.3M Views)

Language & Release: “#Adipurush” is a Hindi film with a pan-Indian appeal. The trailer, released in Hindi, was dubbed into multiple languages, including Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, and Malayalam, making it accessible to a wider audience. The trailer, starring Prabhas and Saif Ali Khan, showcased its grandeur in every frame.

Trailer Language: The trailer is a visual spectacle, primarily conveying the film’s theme through stunning visuals, music, and minimal dialogue. It relies on ancient mythological elements, showcasing the power of Lord Ram (Prabhas) and the menace of Lankesh (Saif Ali Khan).

Hour-Wise Views & Likes: In the first 24 hours, “#Adipurush” amassed a staggering 52.3 “Million viewed” can be rewritten as “viewed by a million people” to make it clearer and more grammatically correct. and an overwhelming number of likes. It drew massive attention due to its unique narrative and visually striking portrayal of the epic.

2. #TJMK: A Spectacular 50.96 Million Views

Language & Release: “The Journey of Karna” (“#TJMK”) is another Hindi film that garnered a large following. It also had a multilingual release, including dubbed versions in South Indian languages. The film stars Shah Rukh Khan, bringing in his enormous fan base.

Trailer Language: “#TJMK” presented a teaser with a blend of compelling dialogues and heart-touching music. It introduced the character of Karna (Shah Rukh Khan) in a way that was emotional and gripping.

Hour-Wise Views & Likes: Within 24 hours, “#TJMK” achieved an impressive 50.96 million Million views. Its success is attributed to the powerful performance by Shah Rukh Khan and the emotional depth captured in the teaser.

3. #KGF2 – Crushing Records with 49 Million Views

Language & Release: “K.G.F: Chapter 2” (“#KGF2”) is primarily a Kannada film, but it garnered immense popularity nationwide. The trailer was dubbed and subtitled in several languages, breaking language barriers. Starring Yash, it appealed to both regional and Hindi film audiences.

Trailer Language: The trailer was a symphony of action, featuring intense confrontations and Yash’s charismatic dialogue delivery. It presented the rise of Rocky Bhai (Yash) as a symbol of power.

Hour-Wise Views & Likes: “#KGF2” took the internet by storm with 49 million views within 24 hours. Its strength lies in the action-packed sequences and Yash’s raw, rugged portrayal.

4. #Jawan: Marching Towards 45.6 Million Views

Language & Release: “Jawan” (“#Jawan”) is a Telugu film that gained attention with a dubbed Hindi trailer. The film starred Sai Dharam Tej and Mehreen Pirzada, introducing an action-packed storyline.

Trailer Language: The trailer primarily used Telugu with Hindi subtitles. It presented high-octane action scenes, underlining the life of a military officer.

Hour-Wise Views & Likes: “#Jawan” reached 45.6 million views in its first 24 hours. The trailer language and action sequences contributed to its appeal.

5. #Cirkus: A Carnival of 45 Million Views

Language & Release: “Cirkus” (“#Cirkus”) is a Hindi film starring Ranveer Singh and Pooja Hegde. While it didn’t have multilingual releases, its star cast drew a considerable audience.

Trailer Language: The trailer was in Hindi, packed with humor and entertaining dialogue. It presented a comedy of errors, creating a carnival-like atmosphere.

Hour-Wise Views & Likes: “#Cirkus” garnered 45 million views within 24 hours, a testament to its comedy genre and Ranveer Singh’s comic timing.

6. #SamratPrithviraj: The Epic with 43.8 Million Views

Language & Release: “Samrat Prithviraj” (“#SamratPrithviraj”) is a Hindi film with an epic historical backdrop. The trailer showcased the historical narrative in a way that resonated with the audience.

Trailer Language: The trailer predominantly used Hindi with elements of historical dialogues and grandeur. It introduced the epic tale of Prithviraj Chauhan (Akshay Kumar).

Hour-Wise Views & Likes: “#SamratPrithviraj” achieved 43.8 million views in 24 hours, emphasizing the interest in historical epics.

7. #83TheFilm: A Historic 43 Million Views

Language & Release: “83” (“#83TheFilm”) is a Hindi film, but it has a universal sports theme. The trailer was dubbed into various languages, making it appealing to cricket lovers and movie enthusiasts alike. With Ranveer Singh playing Kapil Dev, the excitement was palpable.

Trailer Language: The trailer predominantly used Hindi but showcased cricketing action that transcended language. It introduced the historic 1983 Cricket World Cup victory.

Hour-Wise Views & Likes: “#83TheFilm” made history itself with 43 million views in 24 hours. The allure of reliving the iconic World Cup win and Ranveer Singh’s portrayal of Kapil Dev contributed to its massive viewership.

8. #Sooryavanshi: Racing to 42 Million Views

Language & Release: “Sooryavanshi” (“#Sooryavanshi”) is a high-octane Hindi action film. Starring Akshay Kumar, it had a unilingual release, but the actor’s reputation for action-packed thrillers was enough to draw the crowd.

Trailer Language: The trailer was primarily in Hindi, showcasing intense action sequences and power-packed dialogues. It introduced DCP Veer Sooryavanshi’s relentless fight against terrorism.

Hour-Wise Views & Likes: “#Sooryavanshi” raced to 42 million views in its first 24 hours. The trailer’s adrenaline-pumping action and Akshay Kumar’s character contributed to its popularity.

9. #VikramVedha: An Intriguing 42 Million Views

Language & Release: “Vikram Vedha” (“#VikramVedha”) is a Tamil film with a unique genre, making it popular not just in Tamil Nadu but also among fans of suspense thrillers. It had subtitles in Hindi for a broader reach.

Trailer Language: The trailer was primarily in Tamil, with Hindi subtitles. It introduced the intriguing cat-and-mouse chase between Vikram and Vedha.

Hour-Wise Views & Likes: “#VikramVedha” gathered 42 million views within 24 hours. Its genre and the intriguing plotline were the key factors in its success.

10. #Tiger3: Roaring with 40.1 Million Views

Language & Release: “Tiger 3” (“#Tiger3”) is a Hindi film with a stellar cast, featuring Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif. The trailer was exclusively in Hindi and focused on Salman Khan’s iconic character, Tiger.

Trailer Language: The trailer predominantly used Hindi, showcasing high-octane action sequences, trademark dialogues, and the return of Tiger.

Hour-Wise Views & Likes: “#Tiger3” roared with 40.1 million views in 24 hours. The mass appeal of Salman Khan as Tiger and the promise of adrenaline-pumping action drew massive attention.

In a diverse country like India, multilingual releases, star power, genre, and presentation style all play pivotal roles in the success of Hindi movie trailers. These top 10 trailers are a testament to the ever-evolving landscape of Indian cinema and the global impact it continues to create.

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Most Viewed Hindi Trailers in 24 Hours

Movie NameViews (24 Hrs)Language

This table provides a concise overview of the top 10 -viewed Hindi movie trailers in 24 hours, all primarily in the Hindi language.

What Drives Viewership for Hindi Trailers?

In the world of digital entertainment, one of the most influential factors driving viewership for Hindi-language movie trailers is the star power. Bollywood boasts a galaxy of talented and well-loved actors and actresses whose mere presence in a film generates immense excitement and anticipation. Fans eagerly await glimpses of their favorite stars in action. This star-driven appeal extends beyond the boundaries of India, attracting viewers worldwide who admire the charisma and talent of these icons. The inclusion of such renowned figures in a movie’s cast often serves as a powerful magnet, pulling audiences to watch the trailer and subsequently the film.

Compelling Storylines and Concepts

Unleash Your Imagination Top 10 Most Viewed Hindi Trailers In 24 Hours Record-Breaking Most Viewed Hindi Trailers In 24 Hours
Top 10 Most Viewed Hindi Trailers In 24 Hours Record-Breaking 6

Another critical element that captures viewers’ attention in Hindi movie trailers is the storyline and concept of the film. Audiences are drawn to trailers that promise intriguing plots, emotional depth, and unique themes. When a trailer provides a glimpse into a story that resonates with the viewers’ emotions or offers something fresh and innovative, it captures their curiosity. These compelling narratives, often woven with cultural and social nuances, create a strong connection with the audience and motivate them to explore the film further. The art of storytelling is at the core of what makes Hindi cinema engaging.

Music, Promotions, and Visual Appeal

Apart from star power and engaging narratives, music, promotions, and visual appeal are pivotal in driving viewership. Hindi cinema is renowned for its melodious songs, and a catchy soundtrack can pique curiosity. Music not only enhances the overall experience but also serves as a memorable aspect of Indian films. Moreover, social media promotions and word-of-mouth recommendations amplify the anticipation for a movie. The strategic use of digital platforms and marketing campaigns generates buzz around the trailer, encouraging viewers to watch and share it. Lastly, the cinematic visuals, vibrant colors, and cultural elements in Hindi trailers contribute to the overall appeal. They create a holistic audio-visual experience, which audiences find captivating and look forward to as part of their cinematic journey.

The Star Power

The presence of Bollywood’s biggest stars is undoubtedly a major draw. A glimpse of actors like Prabhas, Shah Rukh Khan, and Akshay Kumar is enough to pique the interest of millions.

Outstanding Visual Effects

Indian cinema has upped its game in terms of special effects. A visually stunning trailer can quickly go viral, and movies like “KGF 2” are prime examples of this trend.

Engaging Storylines

A gripping narrative is essential. Trailers that provide intriguing hints about the plot and leave viewers curious are more likely to generate massive interest.

Marketing Blitz

A well-orchestrated marketing campaign can make all the difference. Social media teasers, interviews, and posters build anticipation.

Fan Engagement

Fandom plays a pivotal role. Fan clubs and social media campaigns by fans often contribute to a trailer’s popularity.


Most Viewed Hindi Trailers In 24 Hours
Top 10 Most Viewed Hindi Trailers In 24 Hours Record-Breaking 7

Q1: How are trailer views counted within 24 hours?
A1: Trailer views are counted based on the number of times the video is played on the official trailer release platforms within the first 24 hours.

Q2: Do teaser posters impact a trailer’s views?
A2: Yes, teaser posters, along with other marketing materials, can create buzz and increase views.

Q3: What was the most-viewed Hindi trailer of all time?
A3: As of now, the most-viewed Hindi trailer is “#Adipurush,” with an impressive 52.3 million views in 24 hours.

Q4: How does social media affect trailer viewership?
A4: Social media is a powerful tool for promotion and engagement, as it allows for easy sharing and discussion of trailers.

Q5: Are regional trailers achieving similar success?
A5: Yes, regional film industries, such as South Indian cinema, have also seen massive trailer views for highly anticipated films.


The race to 50 million views in 24 hours for Hindi movie trailers is a testament to the global appeal of Indian cinema. The blend of star power, captivating visuals, and engaging narratives continues to enthrall audiences worldwide. As technology advances and digital marketing evolves, we can only expect these numbers to keep soaring. Stay tuned for more record-breaking trailers in the future!

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