The Top 10 Best Indian Parenting Blogs for Indian Parents with Kids in the USA


Raising children in a foreign country while trying to preserve their Indian heritage can be a challenging task for Indian parents living in the USA. However, thanks to the internet, there is a wealth of information available on Indian parenting blogs that cater specifically to the needs of Indian parents raising kids in America.

1. Parenting in the USA: An Indian Perspective

This blog is a go-to resource for Indian parents in the USA. It offers a unique perspective on raising kids in America while instilling Indian values and traditions. From tips on celebrating Indian festivals to advice on maintaining cultural connections, this blog covers it all.

2. Indian Parenting 101

Indian Parenting 101 is a comprehensive blog that provides guidance on various aspects of parenting in the USA. From navigating the American education system to finding Indian community events, this blog offers practical tips and advice for Indian parents.

3. Bringing Up Bilingual Babies

For Indian parents who want to raise bilingual children, this blog is a must-read. It offers valuable insights into the benefits of bilingualism, strategies for teaching Indian languages, and resources for finding language classes in the USA.

4. The Indian-American Mom

This blog is a personal account of an Indian-American mom’s journey in raising her kids in the USA while preserving their Indian roots. It provides a relatable perspective on the challenges and joys of parenting in a multicultural environment.

5. Raising Global Desis

Raising Global Desis is a blog that focuses on raising children who are proud of their Indian heritage while embracing their American identity. It offers a balance between Indian traditions and Western influences, helping Indian parents navigate the complexities of dual cultural upbringing.

6. Indian Parenting Abroad

Indian Parenting Abroad is a blog that addresses the unique challenges faced by Indian parents living outside of India. From tips on finding Indian grocery stores to advice on celebrating Indian festivals in a foreign land, this blog offers practical solutions for Indian parents in the USA.

7. The ABCD Parent

The ABCD Parent is a blog that caters specifically to Indian parents raising American-born Confused Desi (ABCD) kids. It offers insights into the struggles faced by these children in balancing their Indian and American identities, along with strategies for supporting them.

8. Indian Mom in the USA

This blog is a treasure trove of information for Indian moms in the USA. It covers a wide range of topics, including healthy Indian recipes, cultural activities for kids, and tips for maintaining a strong Indian connection while living abroad.

9. The Indian Parent

The Indian Parent blog provides a wealth of information on Indian culture, traditions, and parenting practices. It offers practical tips for Indian parents in the USA, helping them raise their children with a strong Indian identity.

10. Desi Parenting

Desi Parenting is a blog that explores the unique challenges faced by Indian parents in the USA. From advice on navigating cultural differences to tips on teaching Indian values, this blog provides valuable insights for Indian parents raising kids in America.


These top 10 Indian parenting blogs are a valuable resource for Indian parents in the USA who are looking for ways to raise their kids in America without losing their Indian heritage. Whether it’s finding Indian community events, teaching Indian languages, or navigating cultural differences, these blogs offer practical advice and support for Indian parents on their parenting journey.

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