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Top 10 thirst quenchers

Got a thirst and want to kill it?
These top 10 thirst quenchers are sure to do the trick






1. Water

Water is the most well known thirst quencher. Water can quell hunger too seeing as many people mistake thirst for hunger.
A glass of water when you “think” you are hungry can often fill you up.

2. Milk

The body has a strange way of demanding for certain minerals it craves and one of the most common cravings is for calcium but we don’t recognize this craving and will eat or drink but not feel satisfied.
A glass of milk is good for teeth and bones. Obviously lactose free milk is a better choice.

3. Orange juice

How awesome do you feel after a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice?
Orange juice with cells can also kill hunger pains as well as your thirst.

4. Apple Juice

Good old apple juice can be relied on to kill a man sized thirst

5. Lychee / Litchi Juice

trust me on this one, one glass and you will be absolutely amazed. And its delicious too!

6. Watermelon Juice

A watermelon is made of mostly water. Its no wonder this is a miracle drink.

7. Tea

Teas such as green tea and rooibos (redbush) are wonderful thirst quenchers and can cool you down in warm weather.
Teas are common refreshment drinks in the east and some sports such as cricket have a “Tea Break” for good reason, they hydrate the body and replace lost electrolytes.

8. Beer Shandy

Carbonated drinks such as coca cola aren’t the greatest at replacing lost minerals in the body and most often strip the body of vital nutrients but mixed with beer they offer a great taste and can kill a thirst.

9. Sports drinks

Sports drinks such as PowerAde and Gatorade are designed with sportsmen in mind, they are often great tasting and are packed with decent nutrients.
An Ice cold PowerAde after a sports match will leave you feeling refreshed and offer a small boost.

10. Lucozade

Lucozade is the original sports drink but not quite in the same category as the other “ades”
Lucozade offers you a glucose boost which may be short-lived but has almost immediate effect.
Not quite the greatest tasting freshener but it does the job.

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