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top 10 dogs

Top 10 dogs

Dogs are man`s best friend and the perfect pet and companion. Dogs often help people and they offer different services. Some are used in the police force as bomb sniffing or drug sniffing dogs, some are used as guide dogs or rescue dogs and some are guard dogs. There are some little dogs which can only serve you as lovely and cuddly pets. Their characteristics and their abilities depend on the breed.

But no matter what breed your dog is, if you show them love and affection, you will receive back ten times more. If you are not a dog owner and you are interested in becoming one but you don`t know many things about dogs, you should read this article about the top 10 dogs and then you will be able to choose the best dog for you from the top 10 dogs below.

1. Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever is definitely the perfect family pet, very friendly, loving, eager to please, patient and very easy to train. This dog is the obedience champion and it doesn`t barks too much. It is a big hound that requires large space and activity. It likes to run, to swim and to chew. Golden Retriever is one of the most intelligent dogs and it is a very useful companion for blind people as a guide dog.

2. Beagle

This cute little dog is one of the most popular dogs in America. This old breed can be easily recognized after the fur colours: white, black and brown. The most famous beagle in the world is Snoopy. The Beagles are said to be the most vocal dogs, so this is not the perfect dog to keep in an apartment because it barks and howls a lot and it is very noisy.

3. Labrador Retriever

This dog, like its relative, the Golden Retriever, is a very energetic hound. It likes to run, to swim, and to play retrieve games and loves to play with the children. Labrador retriever comes in three colours: yellow, black and chocolate. This dog has, like the Golden Retriever a unique ability to learn and are very easy to train and very obedient.

4. Irish Setter

Also known as Red Setter has a soft and silky brown colored coat. This is an extremely energetic and playful dog and needs a lot of space. Is a great family dog and gundog, but it is not a good guard dog because it`s not an aggressive hound.

5. Chow- Chow

This breed is famous for the blue or purple tongue. Chow-Chow is a loyal pet and demands a lot of attention but it is hard to train because it is very stubborn. It`s not an energetic dog and sometimes is even lazy.

6. Cocker Spaniel

Cocker Spaniel is a medium sized dog with silky coat and long, pendulous ears. Because of their long and fury ears, these dogs can easily suffer from ear infections and are more exposed with having ear problems than all the other breeds. They are very friendly and obedient and they are perfect family dogs.

7. German Shepherd

These strong dogs lead the way as police dogs because they are obedient and easy to train and are they some of the most hard working dogs.  The German Shepherd is one of the most intelligent dogs of the top 10 dogs, but one of the most dangerous and aggressive breeds, too. They are not too friendly and they can easily become violent and bite strangers.

8. Siberian Husky

This breed is very similar to the Alaskan Malamute because they have common ancestors from the coldest parts of Siberia. Huskies are energetic and friendly dogs. They are hard to train because they have an independent personality and the get bored quickly.

9. Saint Bernard

This massive dog also known like “the gentle giant” is, for sure the biggest dog of the top 10 dogs. Saint Bernard is a very courageous dog and it is famous for its heroism. They are used in the rescue operations in the mountains because they can sense avalanches and they can find people under snow. They can be family pets but they need a lot of space and they like the colder environments.

10. West Highland White Terrier

This cute and cuddly dog is very smart and energetic. Westies are perfect family dogs and they are easily to adapt to any environment. This restless dog is not very easy to train even if it is one of the most intelligent from the top 10 dogs because it has a unique personality.

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